'A.d'A.H' kwang hoon HAN Architecte D.P.L.G

'A.d'A.H' kwang hoon HAN Architecte D.P.L.G

A.d'A.H draws a 'big picture' that pursues creative and captivating design ranging from entire city master plans to small urban facility projects. With richly diverse global portfolios, the cofounders lead to the solution that enriches our society and shapes the future.

As designers, not only do we have the responsibility to make optimal and attractive places, but also we feel the need to make them sustainable and effective. Our firm will handle our resources efficiently and be innovative in our design solutions. We see ourselves as our client's committed partner rather than just considering the firm as a consultant only.

Incorporating advanced technology and techniques, our experience allows us to provide clients with comprehensive service that will guarantee the realization of the full potentiality of their assets. We strive hard to deliver timeless quality design that is beyond our client's expectations.